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Integrated Green Solutions Ltd.

TVI Pacific Inc. currently holds a 19.54% equity stake in Integrated Green Solutions Ltd. (“IGES”, formerly FOY Group Limited), a publicly traded resource company on the Australian Stock Exchange under the symbol “IGE” (previously “FOY”). IGES is currently halted pending the completion of a business sale transaction with Integrated Green Energy Pty Ltd ("IGE") and financing activities.

Waste Conversion Technology

IGES was granted a trading halt by the ASX on July 29, 2015, pending the outcome of a meeting to consider a restructuring of its business. The restructuring is intended to change the focus of the company from resource extraction to resource recovery by exploiting the opportunities from three key technologies to be acquired from Integrated Green Energy Limited (“IGE”), following the initial announcement of a Business Sale Agreement (“BSA”) on March 18, 2015:

  • Plastics to Fuel;
  • Biomass to Fuel; and,
  • Biomass to energy / power.

The trading halt suspended status remains in place pending the completion of this restructuring process.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) held on November 15, 2016, IGES received shareholder approval of the IGE transaction and to acquire the IGE Assets and Technology Rights, including:

  • exclusive licenses to commercialize three technologies in Australia, New Zealand, China, India, North America, South East Asia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji;
  • non-exclusive licenses in each of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Japan and Africa;
  • a completed and operating commercial facility which re-refines co-mingled road fuels back into saleable diesel and petrol at Berkeley Vale, NSW, Australia. This facility is capable of converting waste plastics to fuel at a rate of 50 feedstock tonnes per day;
  • plans to design and construct a plant capable of processing 1,500 feedstock tonnes per day in the continental United States for GEP Fuel & Energy LLC. For this purpose, IGES announced on November 29, 2016, the formation of a new US company, Integrated Green Partners, LLC (“IGP”);
  • the transfer to IGES of executed contracts for waste feedstock supply; and,
  • the transfer to IGES of an experienced management team capable of operating a waste plastics-to-fuel commercial facility.

On March 24, 2017, IGES announced it has finalized a long-form liability company agreement, governing the operations of IGP and to agree that IGP will construct and operate a plastic-to-fuel conversion facility in Indiana, USA. Under the terms of this Agreement, GEP will provide the plastic feed-stock from their recycling facility, while IGES will provide to IGP the technology, systems and support to operate the Indiana plastics-to-fuel conversion facility. The plastic-to-fuel conversion facility to be constructed is expected to result in 529.8 million liters of fuel being produced per annum. IGES and GEP have also reported that they have agreed to roll-out 10 plastics-to-fuel conversion facilities over 5 years, typically at volumes of 1,500 tonnes of plastic-per-day, which results in 529.8 million liters per site per annum.

On April 28, 2017, IGES announced that it has resolved to enter into a US $90 million funding commitment to construct and establish 4 commercial sites in the United Kingdom (“UK”). Each site is expected to process 200 tonnes per day of end-of-life waste plastic per day to produce approximately 70 million liters of road ready fuel per annum per site at an anticipated margin of A$0.30 per liter.

For more information on FOY, please visit http://www.igesolutions.org/.