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The Balabag
The Balabag Gold-Silver Project Find out more about the Balabag Gold-Silver Project WATCH VIDEO
The Canatuan
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Why is TVI focused on the Asia Pacific region?

TVI’s management team has extensive experience working in Asia and has successfully put multiple development projects into production in the Philippines, including the Canatuan gold-silver mine (2003-2008), the Canatuan copper-zinc mine (2009-2014) and the Agata direct shipping Nickel/Iron project (2014 to present). At the present time too, development works are continuing at TVIRD’s 100% owned Balabag gold/silver project since TVI announced on November 22, 2019 that TVIRD had determined to advance the project towards commercial production. Commissioning of the front-end circuits of the Balabag process plant is continuing at January 31, 2021 with critical remaining works including completion of the Tailings Storage Facility (“TSF”). TVI holds a 30.66% interest in the TVIRD (TVI Resource Development Phils. Inc.) joint venture and has joint control.

The Asia Pacific region is strategically located near massive end markets for various resources, thereby ensuring low transportation costs and ease of negotiating offtake agreements.

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Why invest in TVI?

TVI’s management team has a successful track record of putting mines into production at low initial and operating costs. Management’s resource acquisition and development strategy is centered around the idea of Bootstrap Growth, whereby the focus is to commence operations as quickly as possible to generate revenues and cash flow and to then use cash flows from operations to fund further exploration to grow the resource and expand operations. This approach minimizes the initial financing requirement and reduces the associated risk while minimizing also dilution to shareholders as growth is self-financed.

The company is a recognized leader in corporate, social and environmental responsibility in the Philippines. Throughout its operations, TVI (through its previously 100% owned and continuing 30.66% interest in its Philippine joint venture, TVIRD) has been recognized at many of the past annual Philippine Mine Safety and Environmental Conferences for operating at the highest industry standards for safety and environmental protection and has received multiple prestigious awards at the annual Philippine Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Award (“PMIEA”) ceremony. This has established both TVI and TVIRD as a preeminent mining company committed to the highest levels of safety, environmental stewardship and sustainable development, making TVI today a 'partner of choice' and a model operator in the eyes of the Philippine government and various regulators.

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