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TVI Confirms Additional Polymetallic Occurrences Near Canatuan Mine, Philippines

February 15, 2007

- Gold, Silver and Copper Values Returned from Test Pits and Channel Samples at "Matigdao" and "Palalian"

-- Channel Samples Ranging from 2.62 gpt Au to 14.19 gpt Au, and 101.5 gpt Ag to 567.2 gpt Ag

- 15 Km Northeast of Canatuan Mine and Mill site

- Located Near Recently Announced Tabingan Prospect

- 15 Km Northeast of Canatuan Mine and Mill site

- Located Near Recently Announced Tabingan Prospect-->

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - Feb. 15, 2007) - TVI Pacific Inc. (TSX:TVI) ("TVI" or the "Company") today announced that its affiliate, TVI Resource Development (Phils.), Inc. ("TVIRD"), has identified occurrences of Gold (Au), Silver (Ag) and Copper (Cu) mineralization at two sites, Matigdao and Palalian, which are located approximately 15 kilometres northeast of the Canatuan Mine, on the Zamboanga Peninsula, Mindanao. The Matigdao and Palalian sites are one kilometre apart, and lie within TVIRD's Exploration Permit Application (EXPA-00061-IX), approximately five kilometres from the recently announced Tabingan Prospect.

Certain statements in this News Release constitute forward-looking statements, including statements respecting additional exploration activities at Matigdao/Palalian and the timing of receipt of regulatory approvals from Government authorities in the Philippines. Readers should refer to the cautionary statement that appears at the end of this News Release.

The Matigdao and Palalian samples were recovered from test pits and channels located in areas previously worked by artisanal miners who are no longer present. They included banded to semi-massive sulphides and gossan occurrences. Six channel samples from one drift assayed an average 6.45 grams per tonne (gpt) Au and 264 gpt Ag, open along strike and at depth. Additional samples taken from test pits produced highs of 3.63 gpt Au, 180 gpt Ag and 7.99% Cu.

Management of the Company believes that the occurrences are consistent with a Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide ("VMS") style of mineralization and resemble the schist formation known to host the Canatuan ore bodies and most other known mineral occurrences in the district. VMS ore bodies such as the one present at Canatuan have often been accompanied, in other locations around the world, by similar ore bodies nearby.

Readers are invited to consult the map associated with this News Release (posted on TVI's website, at tvi2014.q4web.com), for the location of the Canatuan Mine and the Matigdao/Palalian Prospect areas.

One of the key objectives of TVIRD's exploration program in the Canatuan area is to determine if additional ore bodies are present that can provide feedstock for both the current Gossan mill at the Canatuan mine and the Sulphide mill now under construction, which would allow TVIRD to extend the life-of-mine and enhance the profitability of the overall project.

"Our task now," commented Cliff James, TVI's President and CEO, "is to assess whether these multiple VMS occurrences indicate that the TVI land position near Canatuan hosts a broader VMS district. Further work on Matigdao and Palalian - in conjunction with the previously announced exploration activities at the nearby Tabingan Prospect - is required to assess their potential and to further define the parameters of a VMS district."

As previously announced, TVIRD has entered into the Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) process, which is a prerequisite to the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Indigenous People resident in the area. The existence of a signed MOA is a condition to the receipt of final Government approval for further exploration testing and drilling on the EXPA-000061-IX tenement. Once final approvals are received - anticipated later in 2007 - the Company expects to initiate an extensive drilling program utilizing TVI's drilling subsidiary, Exploration Drilling Corporation Inc.

Technical Review:

At both the Matigdao and Palalian sites, muck piles and adit samples were taken by TVIRD where several test pits and underground workings already existed. Other test pits and underground workings, below the water table and previously left by artisanal miners, could not be accessed for sampling due to flooding.

The gossan occurrences identified at Matigdao appear to be hosted in quartz sericite schist, trending northeast and moderately to steeply dipping to the northwest. These occurrences appear to be on the same trend as the Canatuan gossan ore body and host formation. At Palalian, a similar gossan occurrence was identified.

The following table sets out information concerning assay results from samples collected at Matigdao and Palalian:

code Cu,ppm Au,ppm Ag,ppm Remarks
AC0118 4,151 2.833 179.4 Gossan muck pile sample, Matigdao
AC0119 4,252 2.620 103.1 Gossan muck pile sample, Matigdao
AC0120 20,778 3.626 207.0 Gossan muck pile sample, Matigdao
AC0121 79,870 1.776 180.0 Sulphide muck pile sample, Matigdao
AC0122 14,735 7.243 173.3 Gossan muck pile sample, Matigdao
AC0123 9,612 0.107 17.0 Gossan muck pile sample, Matigdao
AC0124 1,744 3.367 27.9 Gossan muck pile sample, Palalian
AC0125 1,228 0.377 67.2 Gossan muck pile sample, Matigdao
AC0126 1,436 1.254 118.9 Gossan muck pile sample, Palalian
AC0127 1,440 0.977 26.7 Gossan muck pile sample, Matigdao
AC0128 4,926 1.288 2.5 Gossan muck pile sample, Palalian
AC0129 1,482 1.746 26.3 Outcrop sample (banded sulphide),
AC0130 852 1.221 32.7 Outcrop sample (banded sulphide),
All samples were processed and analyzed at McPhar Laboratory, a fully
accredited assay laboratory in Manila
A drift at Matigdao excavated eight meters below the test pit AC-0119 was sampled. Six channel samples spaced two meters apart were taken, cutting across the gossan lens. The width of the gossan lens is approximately 1 metre. Management of the Company believes that the drift follows the northeast trend of the gossan and remains open along strike and down dip. Table 2 reports the assays of these samples.
Sample code Cu,ppm Au,ppm Ag,ppm Remarks
RS-0001 3,843 2.621 109.6 Gossan 1m-channel sample
RS-0002 3,609 11.787 419.4 Gossan 1m-channel sample
RS-0003 3,375 14.187 101.5 Gossan 1m-channel sample
RS-0004 2,745 3.629 567.2 Gossan 1m-channel sample
RS-0005 3,252 3.375 277.7 Gossan 1m-channel sample
RS-0006 1,925 3.121 111.4 Gossan 1m-channel sample
All samples were processed and analyzed at McPhar Laboratory, a fully
accredited assay laboratory in Manila
About TVI Pacific Inc. (TSX:TVI)

TVI Pacific Inc. is a publicly traded Canadian mining company focused on exploring for and producing precious and base metals within district scale systems in Asia.

In the Philippines, TVI's most advanced project, the Canatuan Mine, (the first foreign-invested, new, mining project in the Philippines in nearly four decades) began mining and milling operations in mid-2004, producing gold and silver dore. In 2006, TVI received a completed NI 43-101 feasibility study on the Canatuan Sulphide project prepared by Norwest Corporation. The report has since been filed with certain securities regulatory authorities in Canada and is available at the SEDAR website. The Norwest study addresses the copper-zinc bearing massive sulphide zone, or lower portion of the Canatuan Deposit. Construction of the Sulphide Project at Canatuan is now underway. In addition, TVI holds a 2.5% NSR on the Philippine-based Rapu Rapu project operated by Lafayette Mining Ltd. Exploration in the Philippines is being conducted at Canatuan, in an effort to expand TVI's mineral resource base and to find new deposits, at Balabag and at other areas which management of TVI views as compelling exploration properties.

In China, TVI's wholly-owned Chinese subsidiary, Hunan Pacific Geological Exploration Inc. ("HPGEI"), was the first foreign mining company to be granted both WOFE status and a Qualified Explorer License. The exploration program in China is focused primarily within the Golden Triangle area, a highly prospective metallogenic region in China's south-western provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi Autonomous Region and prospective areas in the Tibet Autonomous Region. HPGEI has 2,394 sq kms of land under application in China in the Golden Triangle and in the Tibet A.R.

TVI also has a Drilling Division consisting of Exploration Drilling Corporation ("EDCO"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of TVI Pacific Inc. based in the Philippines, and Hunan Pacific Drilling ("HPD"), a division of HPGEI based in China, which generates revenue from contract drilling.

Carl L. Caumartin BSc, P.Eng., MBA, Vice President, Exploration of TVI Pacific Inc. is serving as TVI's "Qualified Person" (as contemplated by National Instrument 43-101 (Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects)), for purposes of the technical information set out in this News Release. Mr. Caumartin has reviewed and approved this News Release and has verified the data (including sampling, analytical and test data) set out in this news release. McPhar Laboratory of Manila, Philippines, an ISO 9001/2000 accredited laboratory, performed the sample preparation and assaying for the prior sampling phase of the exploration project at Matigdao/Palalian. Gold analysis was by 50 gm fire assay fusion; where gold assay values greater than 3ppm were by gravimetric finish, and by AAS where the values were less than that threshold. Silver was determined by AAS after an HCl-HNO3-HClO4 digest. Pulp and coarse duplicate results were included in the analytical report. A blank and a standard sample were included for each batch of 50 samples for quality control. A replicate assay was done on every 10th sample, and certified reference materials were used in every 20 samples. In addition to the laboratory's internal QA/QC, TVIRD independently inserted blanks and standards randomly, but on average every twentieth sample.

Certain information set out in this News Release constitutes forward-looking information. Forward-looking statements are often, but not always, identified by the use of words such as "seek", "anticipate", "plan", "continue", "estimate", "expect", "may", "will", "intend", "could", "might", "should", "believe" and similar expressions. Forward-looking statements are based upon the opinions and expectations of management of the Company, as at the effective date of such statements and, in some cases, information provided or disseminated by third parties. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are based upon reasonable assumptions, and that information received from third parties is reliable, it can give no assurance that those expectations will prove to have been correct. Forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties (known and unknown) that could cause actual results or outcomes to differ materially from those anticipated or implied by such forward-looking statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, such things as the volatility of prices for precious metals and base metals, commodity supply and demand, fluctuations in currency and interest rates, inherent risks associated with the exploration and development of mining properties, ultimate recoverability of mineral reserves, timing, results and costs of exploration and development activities, availability of financial resources or third-party financing, new laws (domestic or foreign), changes in administrative practices and changes in exploration plans or budgets. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance upon the forward-looking statements contained in this News Release and such forward-looking statements should not be interpreted or regarded as guarantees of future outcomes.

Forward-looking information relating to the timing of receipt of Government approvals is based upon prior experiences with Government agencies in the Philippines, prior experiences with indigenous communities in the Philippines and the Company's understanding of the regulatory environment in the Philippines. Forward-looking information relating to the nature and timing of further exploration at Matigdao/Palalian is based upon the results of prior exploration activities, the current exploration plan developed by the Company, and the Company's current budget and overall strategy for exploration in the Philippines, which plans, budget and strategy are all subject to change. The forward-looking statements of the Company contained in this News Release are expressly qualified, in their entirety, by this cautionary statement. Various risks to which the Company is exposed in the conduct of its business (including exploration activities) are described in detail in the Company's Annual Information Form for the year ended December 31, 2005, which was filed on SEDAR on March 30, 2006 and is available under the Company's profile at www.SEDAR.com. Subject to applicable securities laws, the Company does not undertake any obligation to publicly revise the forward-looking statements included in this News Release to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.

The Toronto Stock Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved of the information contained herein.

For more information, please contact

TVI Pacific Inc.
Clifford M. James
President and CEO
(403) 265-4356


TVI Pacific Inc.
Paul Moon
Director, Corporate Communications
(403) 265-4356
Website: tvi2014.q4web.com